Cameron McGregor

Principal and Business Advisory

Bachelor of Commerce, FCA*

"I am proud of the family values deeply rooted in McGregor Bailey and that I'm a second generation owner. The clients and friendships developed over the years, and passionate help we've given to their businesses remain very important to us."

I've been a partner at McGregor Bailey for over 30 years. As well as all the usual services you'd expect of an accountant, I offer a tailored specialist business and wealth growth service. My team and I work with owners of medium-sized businesses to help them improve their performance in all areas of the business.  Our strengths are still in the numbers – but helping you get the right numbers through our tools and resources and strategies to deal with the issues. We do this by designing a Client Service plan to specifically meet your needs – with payment by affordable monthly amounts.  You know exactly what services you are getting for the year and what their cost will be.  Refer to our services web page for more details.

Owning a business can be exciting and fulfilling but it also comes with its share of stressors such as managing cashflow and ensuring the company is operating profitably. There can also be issues with staff, operations and sales. I've found that most business owners benefit from having someone to talk to openly about their business, whether it's to discuss concerns, bounce ideas off or assess their current situation. Obviously that person must be qualified and objective. Our aim is to be that trusted advisor who will listen, and work with them to improve and grow their business.

Experience has taught me that clients are looking for three things. One, they need a trusted advisor to provide them with deep insights, and help them through any issues. Two, they need assistance to make improvements and focus on what's important. Three, they are seeking a deeper understanding of what it all means. Having been in business for 30 years myself and worked with a diverse client base, I am well qualified to guide and offer practical solutions in these areas. I can also offer the experience of working for community and professional bodies in various governance roles.

I've been heavily involved with the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants for many years; helped build sporting facilities at the Herne Bay Rackets Club; am a member of Auckland City West Rotary Club; and a former Chairman of Pinewoods Motor Camp where our family has a beach house. As former chair of Auckland Rugby League for 12 years, I am pleased to have helped increase their assets from $5m to in excess of $40m.

I am married with two grownup children.

*Awarded a Fellowship by the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants for high achievement in the profession and in the wider community.


*Awarded an MNZM for services to Rugby League in 2013.

 Cameron can be contacted via email at    

More information regarding my services can be found here.

 My Team...  

Anil Mistry

Senior Accountant

 Anil has worked for Cameron at McGregor Bailey since 1997 and in Fiji before that. 

As he is responsible for the Management Accounts and reviewing all Annual Accounts and Tax Returns, Anil is your man for everything compliance and more. He loves crunching the numbers and getting results.  Nothing makes Anil happier than turning chaos into streamlined, profit gaining financials.

Outside of work you can find Anil at home toiling in his vegetable garden producing a large variety of fodder for his family.  Anil can be contacted via email at




Maduka Jayakody


Senior Accountant


Maduka has over 10 years accounting and finance experience working in a variety of industries including, tourism, commuter, engineering consultancy, financial services, fund management, property management and public practice environments.


At McGregor Bailey he is responsible for the preparation and review of client Management Accounts, Annual Accounts, Tax Returns, Budgets and Forecasts. Maduka enjoys working with numbers and decrypting the stories that they tell. 


Maduka is an avid cricket fan and likes to keep tabs on the progress of the New Zealand Blackcaps. Outside of work Maduka is busy looking after and spending time with his young family. Maduka can be contacted via email at







 Jenny Jones        

Accountant / GST Administrator

Jenny has previously worked in Chartered Accounting firms and a range of small businesses in different industries and understands what demands and pressures are placed on Business Owners. 

At McGregor Bailey, Jenny's role is to ensure that GST is run smoothly and processed on time. (No pressure!) Also dealing with any tax queries with IRD and helping out with the preparation of annual accounts when she has time. 

Jenny has the perfect work/life balance as she lives in beautiful Tauranga where she travels to and from Auckland regularly, and manages to juggle her husband Rod, her two amazing girls and their sporting demands.  This she does, and still manages to fit in Netball and a few vinos with her girlfriends.  Whew!  Jenny can be contacted via email at




Christine Warner

Practice Manager / MGB Advisory

Christine has worked for Chartered Accounting Practices for over 20 years and knows how to keep the wheels turning within the business.

As the Practice Manager for Cameron, she has control over all things administration and is the perfectionist he needs to ensure her vision of a smooth, error free environment can be achieved.  Christine does this through her love of chocolate and has trained/bribed Cameron to bring the team chocolate every time he travels overseas...therefore feel free to entice him out of the office.

When she is not harassing the team, Christine is tackling the grass on her lifestyle block in Rodney or looking after her two children.  Christine can be contacted via email at


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