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Bottom Line June 2021 [1.06 Mb]
Bottom Line June 2021 Newsletter - Avoid harm on the farm, Upskill your staff with IT,  Women in the know who can help you grow, and much more...

Bottom Line April 2021 [685 Kb]

Bottom Line April 2021 Newsletter - New 39% tax rate: what next? How you can get meaningful client feedback (that doesn't cost the earth) . Good communication = repeat customers = more profit, Minimum Wage...

Bottom Line February 2021 [496 Kb]

Bottom Line February 2021 Newsletter - Keeping your staff pain free, Leading by example and Implementing Health and Safety...

Bottom Line December 2020 [599 Kb]

 Bottom Line Newsletter December 2020 - Knowing your staff's learning styles, New ways to communicate with staff, Xmas parties and presents....

Bottom Line October 2020 [895 Kb]

Bottom Line Newsletter October 2020 - 4 burning questions SMEs are asking, Don't Trip! GST mistakes to avoid...

Bottom Line August 2020 [561 Kb]
Bottom Line August 2020 - Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and more...

Bottom Line June 2020 [878 Kb]

 Bottom Line June 2020 - All about our farmers, looking on the bright side, environmental sustainability and more...

Bottom Line April 2020 [754 Kb]

Bottom Line April 2020 - From Airbnb to boarders: what's new for property owners?

Bottom Line February 2020 [850 Kb]
Bottom Line February 2020 - R & D is it for me?, Pay your taxes by cheque?

Bottom Line December 2019 [792 Kb]

Bottom Line Newsetter December 2019 - Six planet friendly ways to show staff you care this Christmas.

Bottom Line October 2019 [889 Kb]

 Bottom Line Newsletter October 2019 - Why closing the gender pay gap is good for business...

Bottom Line August 2019 [906 Kb]
Bottom Line Newsletter August 2019 - Agricultural sustainability

Bottom Line June 2019 [871 Kb]
Bottom Line Newsletter June 2019 - Keen to export: know where to start?

Bottom Line April 2019 [981 Kb]
Bottom Line Newsletter April 2019 - Facebook: Why your business needs it (and how to use it!)

Bottom Line February 2019 [659 Kb]
Bottom Line Newsletter February 2019 - Payday filing and the new Domestic Violence - Victims' Protection Bill

Bottom Line December 2018 [699 Kb]
Bottom Line Newsletter December 2018 - Xmas hours and other important info

Bottom Line October 2018 [3.05 Mb]
Bottom Line Newsletter October 2018 - Handling your growing pains and AML changes

Bottom Line August 2018 [305 Kb]
Bottom Line August 2018 - The Trust issue and how does it affect me

Bottom Line June 2018 [433 Kb]
Bottom Line June 2018 - The Fringe issue

Bottom Line March 2018 [480 Kb]
Bottom Line March 2018 - Avoiding end of year financial drama and stress.

Bottom Line February 2018 [1.84 Mb]
Bottom Line February 2018 - Exit strategy and strategic planning. 

Bottom Line December 2017 [8.42 Mb]
Bottom Line December 2017 - The difference between presents and parties. 

Bottom Line November 2017 [729 Kb]
Bottom Line November 2017 -  Becoming an employer of choice.

Bottom Line October 2017 [1.18 Mb]
Bottom Line October 2017 - Business Culture and how it affects profits

Bottom Line September 2017 [2.72 Mb]
Bottom Line September 2017 - Tax is Payable of Rental Income....Mostly, Holiday Home Income and AirBNB

Bottom Line August 2017 [1.36 Mb]
Bottom Line August 2017 - Managing your cash flow, keep cash crowned as king.

Bottom Line July 2017 [737 Kb]
Bottom Line July 2017 - Debtor Management, slow payers cost you real money

Bottom Line June 2017 [1.52 Mb]
Bottom Line Newsletter June 2017 - Tax Simplification - IRD is making it easier for you to manage your tax

Bottom Line Newsletter Autumn 2017 [881 Kb]
BottomLine Newsletter Autumn 2017 - Selling across the ditch - GST on  low value goods, Upcoming tax changes...

Bottom Line Newsletter Summer 2016 [935 Kb]
  Bottom Line Summer 2016 Newsletter - Risk and Reward - Buying off the plan? The bright-line test and you

BottomLine Newsletter End Of Year Special Alert 2016 [867 Kb]
Bottom Line Special Alert Newsletter - The end of the 2016 Financial Year and what it means to you.

Bottom Line Newsletter Autumn 2016 [1.00 Mb]
 Bottom Line Autumn 2016 Newsletter - Risk and Reward - Targeting the cash economy

Bottom Line Newsletter Spring 2015 [700 Kb]
Bottom Line Spring 2015 Newsletter - The new law will be called the Health and Safety at Work Act

Bottom Line Newsletter Winter 2014 [938 Kb]
Bottom Line Winter 2014 Newsletter - Reduce the risk of paying late provisional, terminal tax...

Bottom Line Newsletter Autumn 2014 [835 Kb]
Bottom Line Autumn 2014 Newsletter - Superannuation, decisions, decisions...

Bottom Line Newsletter Spring 2013 [853 Kb]
Bottom Line Spring 2013 Newsletter - Scheme swapping across the ditch...

Bottom Line Newsletter Winter 2013 [1.22 Mb]
Bottom Line Winter 2013 Newsletter - Encouraging employers to employ youth...

Bottom Line Newsletter Autumn 2013 [1.22 Mb]
Bottom Line Autumn 2013 Newsletter - Creating a sustainable company culture...

Bottom Line Newsletter Winter 2012 [1.04 Mb]
Bottom Line Winter 2012 Newsletter - ACC Levy Reductions, The Benefits and Pitfalls of Trial Periods, Payroll Changes, Student Loans

Bottom Line Newsletter Autumn 2012 [955 Kb]
Bottom Line Autumn 2012 Newsletter - Remuneration of shareholder employees, ACC changes to the invoicing of self-employed clients, Tax Talk - changes to Working for Families, KiwiSaver and more, Financial new year checklist.

Bottom Line Newsletter Summer 2011 [1.15 Mb]
Bottom Line Summer 2011 Newsletter - How to calculate holiday pay, Christmas closing period, Year end computer detox, Entertainment tax deductions, Avoid tax headaches when booking out your bach, Gift ideas, Business resilience.

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